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Hamburgers Are a Summer Rage

Cooking out and barbecuing are popular summer activities. Spice up the classic burger with new, innovative toppings. Read More

Huguenot Torte: A dessert loved by the Huguenots

Huguenot Torte originated in the Midwest, but made its way to Charleston thanks to the Huguenots love for it. Read More

New Dessert Tour Starting April 17

We are so excited add another tour to our repertoire. This tour will focus on the one thing everyone loves: dessert. Charleston is full of magnificent restaurants, all of which serve up some very noteworthy after-dinner delights. We wanted to … Read More

Enjoy a delicious Easter Brunch

If you want to eat a decadent brunch on Easter look no further than Magnolia’s or Blossom on East Bay Street. With flowery names, both restaurants truly harken springtime. Make reservations now as these restaurants will be busy the entire … Read More

Charleston Recipes We Recommend

So many recipes have roots in Charleston (shrimp and grits, anyone?), but as culinary tour experts, there are certainly a few that top our list of favorites. At check-in, we hand out gift bags with each ticket purchase. Inside are … Read More

We’re Certain You’ll Love Charleston’s She-Crab Soup

She-crab soup, famous on the South Carolina and Georgia coasts, can trace its roots back to Charleston from the early 1900s. Scottish settlers apparently started a variation of the soup from as early as the 1700s when they brought with … Read More

Okra is loved, especially in the South

Okra may not be something you would find on a menu in any northern restaurant, but here in the South, it shows up on just about every restaurant menu. Down here we consider okra a delicacy typically associated with gumbo. … Read More

Bulldog Tours on the Move

We have finally moved to our new location at 18 Anson St. and we couldn’t be happier. Yes, it was sad to leave our office in the Rainbow Market after so many memories, but this new location has been a … Read More

Fried chicken is definitely a popular entrée in the South

We all know fried food is popular in the South. In fact, down here there isn’t much we won’t toss in a deep fryer: candy bars, ice cream and even Coca-Cola. Fried chicken, however, has to be one the most … Read More

Fried Green Tomatoes Origin is Mostly Unknown

What’s more southern than something deep fried and crunchy? Well, nothing. It’s hard to even say “fried green tomatoes” without having a little twang in your talk. Sure, maybe many of us hadn’t really heard of such a delicacy or … Read More

Pecan Pie is a Southern Favorite Indeed

Whether you refer to it as “pee-can” or “pee-con” pie, the taste of it is still the same – wonderfully delicious. Pecan pie dates back to about 1886 in cookbooks. According to Wikipedia, the pie was originally produced as a … Read More

The Mint Julep is a True Southern Cocktail

The mint julep is an old drink associated mostly with the South and conjuring up images of horse races and steamy afternoons on the front porch. In fact, you probably saw plenty of folks sipping a mint julep while watching … Read More

Get Ready for BBQ on the Battery!

Bulldog Tours and the Culinary Tours of Charleston are excited to announce their sponsorship in the first annual BBQ on the Battery, along with Jim ‘N Nick’s Bar-B-Q, Palmetto Brewing Company and Virgil Kaine. This first-ever event is from 6:30-9:30 … Read More

Key Lime Pie is a Sweet Favorite in the South

Key lime pie is a dessert that originated in the Florida Keys but has turned into an all-around southern favorite. The recipe supposedly originated from sponge fishermen in the Keys who spent day after day on their boats and would … Read More

Shrimpin’ in the South

Sure, shrimp shows up on restaurant menus all around the country, but is it fresh shrimp? We’re fortunate here in Charleston that shrimp is quite abundant in the waters off the South Carolina coast. That means the shrimp you’re ordering … Read More

Hush Puppies are a Favorite in the South

Hush puppies have been a deep fried favorite in the South since the 16th century. They trace their roots back to Louisiana, but the story about how they got their name is a bit foggy. Legend has it that a … Read More

Those Sweet Pralines!

Pralines can be traced back to early 17th century French history when a French diplomat’s personal chef happened to create this tasty sweet treat. The diplomat had Praslin in his name title. Legend has a few different versions of the … Read More

Charleston Cuisine Infographic: History, Food, and Fun

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Sweet Tea – The House Wine of the South

To people in the south, there are two types of teas – sweet and un-sweet. To many other people around the world, sweet tea may not even be in their vocabulary. Sweet tea is a signature drink of the south … Read More

BBQ in the South

Barbecue in the south can be traced back to before the Civil War. Many think that the reason was because the pig was relatively low maintenance, convenient and inexpensive. Every part of the pig could be utilized and could be … Read More

Oyster Season in the South

Most people who enjoy the delicacy that is the oyster know that the only time to enjoy fresh ones are in the months that have the letter “r” in them. That means that May through August, oysters roasts are non-existent. … Read More