One of my greatest pleasures is introducing visitors and locals to the flavors of Low-Country cuisine and sharing the history of the many cultures which contributed to its flavors. I like to look at our culinary tours as an exploration of roots and routes. The routes are the many paths that brought people to Charleston from all over the world, and the roots are both the agricultural and cultural seeds that they planted to provide to create the exciting cuisine we enjoy today. I have had a life-long love affair with food. I started helping my grandmother in the kitchen as soon as I could reach the counter-top. After a career as a flight attendant, I opened a catering business, taught culinary classes, and worked as a chef in two restaurants. I continue to teach at the Culinary Institute of Charleston. In 2010, after living in France for 7 years, I decided to re-locate back to the US part-time. On an impromptu visit to Charleston I fell in love with the cuisine, beauty, history, and culture of the Holy City.