You’re in Good Hands at Lowcountry Bistro

Sous Chef Ben Martin (left) and Chef Mike Harvey (right)

For fine southern cuisine on Market Street, it doesn’t get any better than Lowcountry Bistro. This quaint little spot in the heart of the city is run by two talented chefs who have taken their culinary creations to the next level with a brand new menu.

Ben Martin and Mike Harvey have collaborated on a menu that manages to be both completely unique while also giving a nod to traditional Charleston dishes.

As the chef de tournant at Lowcountry Bistro, Harvey honors the traditions of Lowcountry cuisine while infusing his dishes with a one-of-a-kind quality. Born in Germany, he grew up in a military family, making his home in cities all around the United States from Hawaii to Vermont. Harvey also has traveled the world and the knowledge he’s gleaned from his travels is reflected in the Lowcountry Bistro menu. After graduating from the New England Culinary Institute in Vermont, he worked in several fine establishments in New York City and Cape Cod.

Harvey’s first job in the Charleston area was at the Cassique Golf Club on Kiawah Island where he started as sous chef and then moved up to chef de cuisine, working alongside Chef Tom Colicchio of “Top Chef” for 10 years. In addition to Lowcountry Bistro, Harvey also works at 82 Queen.

As sous chef, Martin executes the successful menu at Lowcountry Bistro on a regular basis. Born in Coco Beach, Florida, he came to Charleston at age 13. He started his career at the Noisy Oyster in 2010 and then moved onto Amen Street and Peninsula Grill where he learned many classic southern cooking techniques. He began cooking at Lowcountry Bistro soon after it opened and was promoted to sous chef in 2016. He takes pride in the menu he helped to create at Lowcountry Bistro and is devoted to honoring his Lowcountry roots.

With the expertise of these two chefs, Lowcountry Bistro has definitely made a name for itself in Charleston, where the competition is fierce. It isn’t hard to compete, though, with chefs as talented as Martin and Harvey in the kitchen.

Enjoy the new menu at Lowcountry Bistro soon. For reservations, call 843-302-0290 or for more information, visit