Chef Benjamin Harris Maintains Excellence


Chef Benjamin Harris values fresh ingredients and appreciates the art of letting food speak for itself. He doesn’t need to add a lot of ingredients that – if cooked the right way – are perfectly capable of standing on their own.

Originally from Greenville, Harris started his culinary career in an oyster bar. He later arrived at Poogan’s Porch as a sous chef, quickly impressing then-Executive Chef Daniel Doyle. Harris was promoted to chef de cuisine, where he and Doyle elevated the menu and created culinary techniques that made them quite popular in Charleston.

After just two years at Poogan’s Porch, which included helping cook an inaugural James Beard House dinner in 2012, Harris left to help open the Republic Garden and Lounge. After successfully opening the Republic, he moved to Raleigh to assist a 15-year-old restaurant gain success in the area with southern-influenced dishes and partnerships with local farmers.

Harris’ career came full circle when he moved back to Charleston in 2016 to accept a position as executive chef of Poogan’s Porch. Harris loves the challenge of maintaining a 40-year history of excellence, while still evolving the menu with innovative dishes.

Make a reservation at Poogan’s Porch so you can sample the talent Harris simply calls his “job” but those of us in Charleston see as his God-given talent. Call 843-577-2337 for reservations.