492 Has Taken Upper King Street by Storm


The outside of the building is a beauty in and of itself. Rustic, yet classy, the space occupying 492 King St. is eye-catching and easy to spot from several blocks away. Step inside 492 where the vibrant artwork stands out with energy and zest. Dark brick walls and cozy booths make this restaurant a perfect place for intimate dates and close encounters. The inviting bar and soft lighting beckon as an ideal spot to gather with friends.

492 also has some historic significance. The building dates back to the 1800s when clothiers like Bluestein’s and Leon’s were popular. 492 paid homage to that economic boom with a fabric map of the city in 1902 on the ceiling of the first floor and button wall art in the main dining room. The gates that enclose the courtyard were inspired by Sanborn street maps found while researching the building.

The building had set untouched since Hurricane Hugo in 1989 until Relish Restaurant Group bought it. Much of the building was kept intact. They used historic colors like eating room red and piazza blue. They even used tin – once on the ground-floor ceiling – on the base of the bar. Restoration and preservation were an integral part of the renovation.

The prices are reasonable for the high-end menu selections. Items like beef rib loin, smoke trout pate and Geechie Boy Grit loaf make for southern cuisine with a bit of flare. This restaurant is in high demand so make reservations online or contact them at 843-203-6338 or info@492king.com.