Thanksgiving in the South


Dinnertime in the South is a time for families to come together and break bread, but Thanksgiving takes that daily tradition to a new level. Thanksgiving is the Southern family dinner on overdrive. It’s all the favorites in one place and at one time.

What makes a Southern Thanksgiving? The staple Thanksgiving items are cranberry sauce, mashed potatoes, green beans and turkey, of course. Just about any Southern delicacy can be added to any Thanksgiving feast, including deviled eggs, chicken and gumbo, spiced peaches, fruit salad, and southern sweet tea.

For a true Thanksgiving, bring out the turkey fryer. The nice thing about frying a turkey is that it takes much less time to prepare (even though we all know Southerners don’t mind taking their time). For Southerners it is all about savoring every bite and Thanksgiving dinner is one the best days of the year to cook those special dishes.

For a taste of the South, why not add a Southern dish to your Thanksgiving dinner this year? We referenced Deep South Dish for this blog.