Molly Darcy’s Brings More to the Table than Irish Flair


Molly Darcy’s Traditional Irish Pub and Restaurant ( is located in the heart of downtown Charleston’s historic district, just off the Market, on East Bay Street. The atmosphere is what you’d expect from a pub – warm, welcoming and a bit rustic. You can hear the bands playing on the patio for several blocks on almost any day of the week. The bar is inviting, especially if you want to watch your favorite sport.

They keep the beer flowing along with a number of delicious menu items. Try the classic burgers. There is nothing like a good hamburger, but there is also nothing like a bad hamburger to ruin your day. If you want to savor a juicy burger in a relaxing ambiance, Molly Darcy’s is the place. Other top-notch menu items include the traditional Irish shepherd’s pie and corned beef and cabbage.

Molly Darcy’s Traditional Irish Pub and Restaurant also has locations in Myrtle Beach and Danbury, Conn. As they say at Molly Darcy’s, “They always come back to Molly Darcy’s.” You will find yourself going back again and again.