Hamburgers Are a Summer Rage

Dixie Supply Bakery and CafeCooking out and barbecuing are popular summer activities. One way to spice up the classic summertime burger is with new, innovative toppings. We found a burger at Dixie Supply Bakery and Café that is definitely different and delicious. The Dixie Burger is loaded up with bacon, pimento cheese and fried green tomatoes atop an 8-ounce all-natural Certified Angus Beef burger. The burger and toppings are on a white bun and rounded out with lettuce and mayonnaise, all of which are homemade by Kris and Allen Holmes, the owners of Dixie Supply Bakery and Café.

So, when you are out and about this summer trying different hamburgers and exploring the world of burger toppings, don’t forget about the awesome Dixie Burger. Be sure to stop by Dixie Supply Bakery and Café, 62 State St., to try this delicious work of art.