Fried chicken is definitely a popular entrée in the South

magnolias-chicken2We all know fried food is popular in the South. In fact, down here there isn’t much we won’t toss in a deep fryer: candy bars, ice cream and even Coca-Cola. Fried chicken, however, has to be one the most popular fried items consumed in not just the South, but pretty much everywhere. But here in the South, we like to think fried chicken is served at its best and we have perfected it.

Frying chicken in the American South is traced back to African slaves. They were unable to raise expensive meats, but were allowed to keep chickens. Frying chickens on special occasions was something the African-American communities throughout the South continued and now we all benefit from its juicy flavor. Fried chicken is popular at picnics and Fourth of July cookouts. From upscale restaurants to fast food, fried chicken is on the menus of many Charleston area restaurants.

Seasoning and spices differentiates the way fried chicken is prepared throughout the world. It is not uncommon to find a range of spicy to savory on a piece of fried chicken’s crisp exterior. Chicken fingers, chicken nuggets, popcorn chicken, country fried chicken and crispy fried chicken are available around the world, but most widely served in Asia and North America.

Let’s take a closer look at the fried chicken entrée at Magnolia’s Restaurant on East Bay Street in downtown Charleston. Served with cracked pepper biscuits, mashed potatoes, collard greens, cream-style corn and sausage herb gravy, the buttermilk fried chicken breast at Magnolia’s is recommended far and wide.

Fried chicken might show up in restaurants all over the world, but we here in the South believe ours is the best thanks to the years we’ve spent perfecting it.