Fried Green Tomatoes Origin is Mostly Unknown

fleet-landing-tomato-stackWhat’s more southern than something deep fried and crunchy? Well, nothing. It’s hard to even say “fried green tomatoes” without having a little twang in your talk.

Sure, maybe many of us hadn’t really heard of such a delicacy or paid much attention to it until the movie, “Fried Green Tomatoes,” came out in 1991, but I’m sure we can admit that we didn’t know what we were missing. I did a little research to find out if I could track down the origin of this delicious dish. I found a few blogs, but nothing was really able to pinpoint its exact history.

One blogger noted that although fried green tomatoes make the menu in most truly southern eating establishments, their roots are not so southern. The blogger met a food historian named Robert F. Moss who told her, “They entered the American culinary scene in the Northeast and Midwest, perhaps with a link to Jewish immigrants, and from there moved onto the menu of the home-economics school of cooking teachers who flourished in the United States in the early-to-mid 20th century.”  (

A little more research revealed fried green tomatoes are found in places like upstate New York and Chicago.  So, although the movie would have you believe fried green tomatoes are southern to the core, the truth reveals otherwise. No matter what their true history is, southerners have claimed this delicacy as their own and, lucky for us, you don’t hear of people going to New York City to eat fried green tomatoes.

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