AW Shucks is a Staple in Downtown Charleston

aw-shucksAW Shucks has been a favorite restaurant for about 35 years. Since opening its doors in Charleston in 1978 – long before Charleston became such a sought-after tourist destination – locals flocked to the Market Street location for the delicious fried shrimp, steamed oysters, and a cold pitcher of beer. Through all the expansion in the city of Charleston, AW Shucks remained true to its roots of local décor, local food and a local atmosphere where not only tourists can relax and enjoy the ambiance, but “hometowners” can as well. The reasonable prices make AW Shucks a family restaurant.

Chef William T. Condon is a Charleston native with a true passion for Lowcountry cuisine. He started his culinary career at AW Shucks in 1988. He worked there for a while and then left to learn more about his chosen field in other well-known establishments in the Charleston area. He was welcomed back to AW Shucks in 2013 as executive chef. His southern roots show through in the local AW Shucks menu. A New York Times bestselling author Dorothea Benton Frank referred to Chef Condon in her latest book, “A Chef’s Table Cookbook,” noting, “Executive Chef Billy Condon is a member of one of Charleston restaurant dynasty families.”

oyster-selectionWhile its delicious oyster plates would be the obvious choice at AW Shucks, guests should not pass up ordering the more traditional southern meals, such as sweetgrass shrimp and grits and seafood jambalaya. Lowcountry crab cakes and hand-breaded chicken tenders are also wonderful choices from the AW Shucks menu.

Its reputation in the downtown area coupled with its local ambiance makes AW Shucks a true Charleston culinary destination.