Nick’s on King Street Is All about Barbecue

nicksNick’s Bar-B-Q on King Street has earned a reputation in Charleston as one of the best barbecue joints in town. Not only has it been there for nine years, but as far as barbecue goes, you just can’t beat it anywhere else on the peninsula. Nick’s Bar-B-Q serves ribs, pork, chicken, brisket and sausage. As they say at Nick’s, “All BBQ has the same three basic ingredients: smoke, meat and time. What makes the difference is the amount, consideration and attention to each part of that recipe.” The barbecue sauce is not too shabby either. They honor great barbecue traditions, using the right ingredients and savoring the moment by taking their sweet time.

Certainly the barbecue at Nick’s is a hot seller on the menu, but don’t discount a salad. They have a chopped veggie salad, a traditional Greek salad, pig in the garden salad, chopped southern salad and the wedge salad deluxe. oinkWe also have to mention the sandwiches, including the grilled chicken sandwich, the chicken salad sandwich, the pimento cheese sandwich, the catfish sandwich, the smoked Cuban sandwich and the deluxe turkey sandwich. And don’t leave Nick’s Bar-B-Q without trying their banana pudding.

Nick’s Bar-B-Q is located in the heart of downtown Charleston on King Street near Wentworth Street. The interior is inviting and the bar atmosphere is as friendly as it can be. Stop by for lunch or dinner – you won’t be disappointed!