Key Lime Pie is a Sweet Favorite in the South

Key Lime pie from Kaminsky’s

Key lime pie is a dessert that originated in the Florida Keys but has turned into an all-around southern favorite. The recipe supposedly originated from sponge fishermen in the Keys who spent day after day on their boats and would store some food on board, including canned milk, limes and eggs. Since there was no oven on board, the ingredients were just mixed together to start the beginnings of what would later be known as key lime pie. A famous ship salvager’s cook named Aunt Sally took those beginnings from the sponge fisherman and created the first real key lime pie.

The recipe for the dessert slowly moved up the coast and has made quite a comfortable setting in the Charleston area. Many restaurants serve key lime pie and many consider it to be a refreshing sweet treat – not too heavy and not too rich.

This southern dessert is extremely easy to make. It just requires mixing condensed milk, lime juice, cream cheese and lime rind together. The pie is baked for just five to eight minutes at 350 degrees. The pie does require being chilled thoroughly and of course adding slices of limes is a requirement.

Have a slice in the winter and be transformed to warm, tropical places. Top off your dessert with a Corona with lime, close your eyes and suddenly you’re at the beach! Key lime pie can be found on the menu at many local downtown favorites, such as the Charleston Crab House, AW Shucks, Noisy Oyster, Kaminsky’s and many more. So be sure leave room after dinner for this delightful, light and refreshing dessert.